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Mission Statement

The Uyghur Studies Initiative is, first and foremost, a site for scholarly exchange. It is our intention to bring together intellectuals from around the world working on a diverse range of topics within Uyghur studies – from linguistics to literature to environmental studies, history, and contemporary social sciences – so that knowledge can be shared across universities, languages, and national borders. We are a place where seasoned scholars are encouraged to share recent publications, conference presentations, and opportunities for collaborative work, while also providing a space for graduate students and those interested in graduate studies to learn about educational opportunities within the field.

Our Editorial Policy

If you are an academic researcher in any discipline doing research on topics that relate to the Uyghur people, we want to promote your work and share your findings with our community of readers. 

That said, Uyghur-studies.com is not intended to be a news site or a place for journalistic or editorial writing about current events. Instead, this is where you will find the story behind the headlines – the rich context needed to make sense of the newsworthy moments and everyday lives of the Uyghur people.

We also do not publish or promote materials or events that are primarily advocacy/activist in nature. We aim to keep our site freely accessible to everyone – everywhere – working on scholarly issues within Uyghur studies; these editorial policies were created with this goal in mind.

Our Language Policy

As we are still in beta, you will notice that English is the predominant language on this site. In time, we hope to have this site fully functional in English, Russian, Mandarin, and Uyghur.

While we are delighted to accept submissions in any language, our limited resources mean that we cannot guarantee that your submissions will be translated; whatever we receive will be published in as many languages as it is provided. To reach the largest possible audience, please consider sending us your materials translated into as many as possible of the languages listed above.


The Uyghur Studies Initiative is part of the Central Asia Program at George Washington University’s Elliott School for International Affairs. As such, we are part of the Central Asian Analytical Network.

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