Mapping Local Uyghur Dialects: A Collaborative Online Project

A friend of the Uyghur Studies Initiative and lifetime linguaphile has embarked on an ambitious (to say the least!) project: creating an online catalog regional variations in Uyghur language. We wish him tons of luck and we hope that perhaps our readers can add their own knowledge to what, in time, might be a valuable resource for travellers and academics alike. Here’s a description of the project in the words of its founder (and check the link below):

For Uyghur Friends, Uyghurphiles, and General Lovers of the Obscure:

For almost a year now, I’ve been meaning to start up a little project on Uyghur dialects, and it’s only today that my computer and I finally sat down together and buckled down to a good day of work. Here’s the end result – a sort of interactive, geographical dictionary where you can browse the different regions of Xinjiang and see what the local lingo is in each.

Besides the fun aspect of this vocabulary being fairly obscure (and impossible to find in standard dictionaries), it could be fun to use if you’re traveling around Xinjiang and want to get some major street cred!

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