Announcing Bilingual (French-Uyghur) Journal “Regard sur les Ouïghour-e-s”

Regard sur les Ouïghour-e-s: revue bi-annuelle, franco-ouïghoure


In the Spring of 2013, the association of Uyghur students in France, Oghouz, started the publication of an academic journal, written and edited by volunteer graduate students and researchers. ”Regards sur les Ouïgour-e-s” is the first journal that focuses exclusively on Uyghur studies in a European language. This bi-annual journal is distributed from Paris.

The journal is distributed in seventeen different countries, including China. Several French research libraries have also subscribed to the journal. This bilingual journal in French and Uyghur covers diverse aspects of Uyghur studies, such as Uyghur culture, literature, geopolitics, and history. The reading committee includes a Turkologist (Stéphane de Tapia) and Sinologists (Françoise Aubin, Rémi Castets).

This journal targets academics, but also any person interested in Central Asia. The editorial team hopes to showcase new issues and innovative research in Uyghur studies to a broad audience, while maintaining academic standards. Beyond an accessible presentation of Uyghur culture, this review also aims to promote the works of researchers in the humanities and social sciences that has only begun to emerge in France.

This apolitical and nonreligious journal includes two sections, one French and one Uyghur. Each issue of the journal includes a work of art by Uyghur artists that unites the two sections.

In Turkey, a new team of collaborators is working to create a Turko-Uyghur version of Regard sur les Ouïgour-e-s aimed at Turkish speakers.

You can subscribe to the journal online via Oghouz’s website. You can also find more information about the journal on the journal’s Facebook page, Uyghurlar’gha Nezer- Regard sur les Ouïghours.

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