Xodayim buyrisa, guòle liǎng tiān dào nàlǐ shàngbān: Communication needs and ideology in Uyghur-Chinese code switching

Uyghur Studies Initiative Paper Six
By Giulia Cabras

Excerpt: Urban areas in Xinjiang are currently experiencing important changes in demography and in their linguistic landscape, and consequently also in lan-guage habits. Uyghur, which was considered a lingua franca in the region, is giving way to Standard Chinese, which is more frequently present in the pub-lic sphere, particularly in domains such as the administration, media, and education. This is certainly due to intensive language contact, as well as to Standard Chinese-oriented language policies, which aim at spreading the national language as an instrument of social and economic development. As a result of this situation, Standard Chinese is more and more present in the Uyghur linguistic landscape and is becoming a dominant part of the commu-nication between Uyghurs not only in the public sphere, but also within in-group conversations…

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